This granular vegetable base and seasoning is Low Sodium, Kosher Pareve (Star-K certified), Vegan (containing no meat, dairy or egg products), and Gluten-Free (lab tested). There is no added monosodium glutamate (MSG) or hydrolyzed proteins. Prepared, the base creates a light golden stock with well-balanced vegetable flavor and aroma.
As a Base – Prepare stock by dissolving product in water. This makes an excellent foundation for creating or enhancing stocks, sauces, and gravies. Use prepared stock to create home-style soups or to enhance pasta or rice dishes.
As a Seasoning – Use the dry base to season dressings, dips, spreads, marinades, vegetables, rice, mashed potatoes and flavored butter or oil. Sprinkle on as a seasoning or rub, or use instead of salt for your own signature flavor.

Ingredients:Dehydrated vegetables (onion, tomato, carrot, celery, corn, bell pepper and garlic), maltodextrin, sugar, salt, yeast extract, soybean oil, natural flavors, and extractives of turmeric.