A very fine form of sugar that is used to make a Fondant, a dessert icing for cakes and sweets, or a garnish to be sprinkled lightly on plates or over fresh berries. Cane sugar is the type of sugar commonly processed for use in making the Fondant and Icing Sugar. It is a key ingredient for producing a rolled Fondant, a sugar paste that is popular in many countries as a candy or an icing. Often referred to as icing sugar, confectioner’s sugar, or Fondant and icing sugar, this type of sugar has been ground and pulverized over 100 times more than powdered sugar, so it becomes exceptionally fine in texture. The finely powdered form results in icings and Fondants that are much smoother in consistency and glossier in appearance.
To make a Fondant, Icing Sugar and water are heated before adding gum arabic, gelatin, liquid glucose, an egg white, vegetable shortening, and a flavoring, such as vanilla or chocolate. The ingredients are added together and beaten until turning white and becoming pliable. The Fondant is then refrigerated in an air tight container to remain for 12 hours before being used.

Ingredients: Sugar and Invert Sugar.