A member of the onion family, shallots are best thought of as a cross between garlic and an onion. The French frequently use shallots in their cooking while here in the US Dried Shallots are becoming more popular in the baking of breads or crumbled and sprinkled over burgers, chicken, fish, omelets, vegetable dishes, salads, salad dressings, sauces, soups and steaks.

  • Grind, crush or add whole to recipes calling for shallots
  • Use in spice blends, marinades and meat rubs
  • Use to season sautéed, roasted or sauced vegetable dishes

Freeze Dried Shallots are an excellent way to add the mild, oniony flavor that makes shallots a go-to ingredient for chefs. We choose select shallots, then dice and freeze dry them to preserve their natural flavor and increase shelf life.

  • Sweet, oniony shallot flavor
  • Off-white with light purple and green undertones
  • Approximately 1/4-inch dried, diced pieces

Shallots are prized for their sweet, mild onion flavor, which can be used in place of other onions to make a sophisticated aromatic base for elegant dishes.

It is likely that the cultivation of shallots began in Central or Southeast Asia, before it eventually made its way to India and the eastern Mediterranean area. Cuisines that heavily use shallots include Indian food, Malaysian food, Thai food and Cambodian food, all the way to French food. Its versatility, however, allows its use in nearly every type of cuisine where onions are used.

In India, shallots are mixed with sugar as a home remedy for sore throats. They are also used in Kashmir to prevent curry from turning black, which is a common problem if onions are used instead.

Unlike other onions, shallots form with a bulb composed of multiple cloves, each covered with a thin, papery skin. The skin color can vary from pale brown to pale gray to rose and the off-white flesh is often tinged light purple or green, depending on where they are cultivated.

Our Freeze Dried Shallots have a longer shelf life than fresh or dried shallots and add the same wonderful flavor to recipes.