Porcini Risotto Rice is suitable for white tablecloth restaurant as well as casual. It can be served as is as a beautiful side dish, or enhanced per the chef with a protein, fresh mushrooms and / or vegetables to create a stunning entree.

Our Porcini Risotto is an elegant blend of absorbent Arborio rice and premium porcini mushrooms with herbs, spices and aromatics. We designed this complete blend as a quick way to create a classic, rustic risotto flavored with real porcini mushrooms.

  • Fully seasoned and ready to cook
  • Short grain white rice with pieces of mushrooms, herbs, and spices
  • Naturally gluten free


Ingredients: Rice, garlic, may contain 2% or less of mushrooms, shallots and canola oil.

Basic Preparations: Cook Porcini Risotto Rice ‘risotto style’. Saute the rice briefly in butter or olive oil for 2-3 minutes (add white wine if desired) and slowly incorporate hot stock to achieve a desired toothsome and al dente bite. Risotto can be finished with Parmesan cheese, mascarpone and truffle oil if desired. 1 cup yields 3 cups finished risotto.

Full Description: Porcini Mushrooms are rich, meaty-flavored mushrooms, known for their robust flavor which is concentrated as a result of gentle drying. For our Porcini Mushroom Risotto, we blend a classic mix of flavors including porcini, champignon and shiitake mushrooms with garlic, rosemary and chives. The classic flavor combination balances the creamy character of risotto with the rich umami flavor of premium dried mushrooms. Risotto is an Italian culinary marvel, combining the wholesomeness of rice with quality flavorings and spices.

The secret to excellent risotto lies with Arborio, a high-starch, short-grain rice tha absorbs cooking liquids to achieve a creamy overall texture with individual grains remaining pleasingly separate and al dente. Gentle stirring the rice while gradually adding warm stock or broth draws the starch out of the rice grains and creates the creamy consistency and al dente texture fundamental to risotto.