ASTA is a color scale for paprika. The higher the ASTA number, the brighter the color. Gorgeous color and lively flavors come with the addition of paprika. Some people find the Hungarian variety spicier and the Spanish type sweeter. Others can hardly taste any difference.

Flavors will be enhanced when paprika is added to your food near the end of the cooking time. A sweet Paprika. Adds color and mild flavor to cheese, eggs, potatoes, pasta, sauces, dressings, soups, sausage.

Paprika 120 ASTA has a sweet, warm taste. A red capsicum pepper that has been washed, dried, crushed, and heated to release the oil in the seeds, interacts with the pigment in the pods to produce the bright red color.For the fullest flavor, color, and aroma, dissolve the powder in warm liquid or fat. Once dissolved, it should be cooled by adding meat or liquid to keep the paprika from scorching. Paprika can also be used as a substitute for flour in thickening a sauce. Paprika can be added to a roux as a thickening agent, coloring agent, and flavoring agent.