Papaya fruit has so many wonderful attributes in addtion to its stunning color and delicious sweet taste and smooth texture.  The fruit is always a delicious snack and treat at any time of the day and year.  This exotic fruit is one of the best.

The papaya fruit was first written about in 1526 by Oviedo, A Spanish chronicler. Its delicious taste has also excited the taste buds of the great explorer, Christopher Columbus to make him declare the fruit as “the fruit of angels.” The fruit only thrives in tropical climates which, of course, makes them an exotic treat to have in colder-climates.

The short shelf life of the freshly picked version of this fruit other limited its availability to colder climates, so many people walk by it even today in the produce aisle of their grocery store. However, the creation of the dried variety of fruits and nuts has greatly resolved this problem and created a tasty sweet snack food in the process.

Dried and cubed papaya can now be found at any time of the day and year. The longer shelf-life (well over six months whether it is stored in the fridge or pantry) has given everyone the chance to enjoy this wonderful treat anytime and all the time.

What makes dried papaya a great snack food choice the world-around?

More than any other dried fruit, dried papaya:

  1. Dried papaya are wonderful for digestion. Papaya is an alkaline fruit which gives it a cutting-edge over other fruit varieties. Acid reflux can be minimized by eating alkaline food varieties such as papaya. Digestion is greatly helped with alkaline food groups that can be compromised with the consumption of foods high in acid content.
  2. It is an awesomely handy snack food. Eaten as is, dried papaya is a fantastic snack food that is low in calories as well. The exotic sweetness of the fruit can be enjoyed in every bite minus the guilt of a candy alternative.
  3. It is a healthy food choice to have in your fridge or pantry. Nowadays, people are looking for more healthy snack food options. There are a lot of antioxidants in dried papaya. Also, scientists have found that papayas contain more beta-carotene than carrots, and more vitamin C than kiwi fruit. Papaya also are abundant in bioflavonoids. Substantial minerals found in papaya include potassium, magnesium, and calcium.
  4. A delicious topper for oatmeal, cereal, yogurt — anything!  Dried papaya cubes are a fun, colorful and unique topping. The dried papaya variety still packs in the goodness and richness that are normally found in the fresh varieties. This is because the dry product was processed from the finest fresh papaya variety. Papaya is known as one the best fruits in the world and having it on hand in the home and on the go at all times gives you the advantage of a delicious treat anytime and all the time.

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