Burn After Eating is infamous for its role in Hot Ones Season 10 and is considered one of the hottest Hot Ones sauces that’s not an extract ever made. The merciless heat is the result of a top-secret blend of curated super hots that may or may not include Ghost, Scorpion, Reaper, 7 Pot Brown and 7 Pot Primo. This isn’t a sauce you eat, it’s one you survive.

At the same time, BAE is imbued with a unique earthy flavor thanks to green mango, ajwain and hing powder, making it a great choice to slather on some Indian take-out or your next veggie stir-fry. As long as you’re willing to feel the burn that is.

  • 2020 Fiery Food Challenge Winner – Ultra Hot Pepper

Ingredients: Brutally hot peppers, white vinegar, garlic, salt, ajwain seed, amchoor, hing powder (rice flour, gum arabic, asafoetida, turmeric), ginger extract

⚠ Karma’s Hottest Sauce EVER! ⚠