With peppers made in the burning springs of New York State’s Finger Lakes and nurtured on vaporous sulfur water, this 7-Pot Primo hot sauce will leave you with an ashen grin where your face used to be. Light up your favorite dishes with a blast of pure chile heat.

Ashes*2*Ashes won 2 Fiery Food Challenge Awards in 2017 for Ultra Hot Sauce and Best New Product. In 2020 it took home 3 additional awards for Trinidad Pepper Sauce, Ultra Hot sauce, and Ghost Pepper Sauce.

Ingredients: 100% New York State Finger Lakes grown 7 Pot Primos, apple cider vinegar, organic sugar, fresh lime juice, salt, garlic, chipotle chile EXTRA EXTRA EXTRA HOT 5 fl. oz. bottle

Handle with extreme care! Eye protection is recommended when enjoying this product. Avoid skin contact!