For those who really like spicy, this is a great snack. Hints of hickory flavor as well with this top round beef. 19 grams of Protein per serving No MSG. No Nitrites.

Ingredients :Top round beef, soy sauce, ketchup, brown sugar, worcestershire, natural hickory smoke flavor.

  • Low fat
  • No Preservatives
  • No MSG
  • Great teriyaki flavor
  • Made with Top Round beef only
  • 100% made in the U.S.A. by Damn Good Foods in Stillwater, New York.

What people say about Damn Good Beef Jerky– Original Hickory:

“The absolute best texture of any jerky on the market including the other varieties from damn good. There’s just something about that hickory.”

“Out of all of their [Damn Good] jerky, I like this one the best. It has such a wonderful taste to it, and yeah, it may have some salt, but look at the sodium level. Of course it will have the salt taste. It also has the soy sauce taste. And it is so chewy that you get flavor in every bite!! Because it is currently on sale, I am getting the five pound bag for $65, which is $13/lb (and normally not on sale), cheaper than the 14 oz at $14.95 (at 35% discount). Even with the $5 shipping, getting it in the five pound bag is the better deal. And trust me, it won’t last too long. Okay, maybe a month. It’s still worth it to me!!”

“To sum it, what you’re going to taste in these pieces is a light smoky and sweet flavor off the surface, but in only a second or two later, a heavy saltiness erases those flavors, and manifests itself into a strong combination of soy sauce and worcestershire. As soon as you start chewing, the soy sauce and worcestershire increases a little bit more in flavor, but starts wearing off, and leaves you with a salty piece of chewed meat just prior to swallowing.”


About the Damn Good Jerky Company:

A Damn Good Story

Have you ever tasted a product, and knew immediately that it could have been made better? That exact attitude is the basis for us starting Damn Good Foods. Regardless of cost and the effort necessary, we will provide only the best possible products, or we simply just won’t make it.

What should we start with?

Beef jerky. A wholesome snack which is often used by hikers, hunters, campers and anglers. Extremely low in fat and high in protein, make it an excellent choice for an in between meal snack. Unfortunately, most of the jerky available is stereotyped as being chewy and hard to tear with your teeth. Luckily, we were able to develop a process that makes our jerky tender and flavorful. It is so tender that even kids will be able to enjoy its natural goodness. You might though have one problem; keeping enough available.

Where did we come from?

None of us the folks at Damn Good Jerkey had any experience in the food industry. Our backgrounds include construction, sales, and every facet of floor care. We view our lack of knowledge as an asset. Since we don’t subscribe to the traditional ways of producing products, we have taken great steps to find out how to get the best results. If you dislike the way something is being done, change the rules and do it your way. The outcome can always be better.