Scoville Heat Units (SHU): 250,000 – 1,000,000

Da Bomb Ground Zero Hot Sauce is a pepper extract clocks in at an impressive 325,000 Solville Units. Very good for showing how macho you are and/or heating large amounts of food with little amounts of sauce. Fun to see how much someone can take without crying, but keep some milk on hand as water does very little to ease the pain.


Warning: Da Bomb Ground Zero Hot Sauce is almost twice as hot as Da Bomb Beyond Insanity. This is serious stuff, not for children. Rated at 321,900 Scoville units.

Ingredients: Pineapple juice, Habanero peppers, tomato paste, natural pepper flavoring, lemon & lime juices and spices.

  • ✔ A SIZZLING GIFT IDEA … Da Bomb Hot Sauces are a great gift for that friend who just can’t get enough heat!
  • ✔ PUT IT ON ANYTHING … Pork, chicken, seafood, steak, vegetables- you name it! Our sauce was created to be versatile and work for whatever dish you’re in the mood for.
  • ✔ JUST A DASH WILL DO … Need we remind you that our hot sauces are the ultimate in heat? One or two dashes of Ground Zero will go a long way in exciting the palate.
  • ✔ SPICY SAVINGS… Because you’ll only need a dash or two, you won’t need to reload your hot sauce supply as often.
  • ✔ COMPETE WITH HEAT … Ground Zero makes a great hot sauce addition for competitions between friends.
  • Warning: This one made Gordon Ramsey cry on live television!



Taster/User Reviews from the internet on Da’ Bomb Ground Zero Hot Sauce:


Super hot is an euphemism

If you’re looking for some really hot sauce, this is it. This should be labeled as poison. You should need a weapon’s permit to purchase this little devil. I am entirely satisfied with this, as it is even hotter than the “beyond insanity” one. WARNING: Should you buy this sauce and try it, I recommend you take a touthpick and barely touch the sauce with it. Then gently touch your finger with the said touthpick and taste just a tiny pixel of the sauce. You will then be in full knowledge of how strong this sauce is, saving you a trip to your local forensic doctor. — Aaron W.
Reviewed on
For a sauce that has 321900 SHU, it burns almost as bad as Blair’s Mega Death, and that is saying something. A great little addition for any veteran chilihead, and definitively NOT for beginners. — Danny C.
Hottest sauce I have tasted
Just a little bit on top of my finger give me extreme heat for 15 minutes. It’s a strong sauce, several times more than the original Da’ Bomb which last me a week. — Alexandre E.
Ground Zero
It has a very nice flavour and then the heat sneaks up on you and lingers just a bit. — Dave K.
Dude, this stuff is hot.
Okay, so picture this beautiful delicious meal. For example a nice slow cooked beef rib roast. Ahh, smells good. Oh man the knife cuts through like butter. You plate it. But wait, we need some hot sauce baby. Boom, you grab Da Bomb sauce. Yup, Da Bomb sauuuuce baby. Ah a few drops won’t hurt. Take a bite, go on do it. Oh yeaaaa its delicious right!!