March Into Spring with Fresh & Healthy Recipes

The arrival of the vernal equinox on this past Sunday, the 20th, means that we’ve officially got more light than darkness for the next six months. That means more walks, picnics, sporting events and dining al fresco. Gear up for the sunnier, carefree spring & summer months with these 3 refreshing, healthy recipes to get you ready to enjoy the great outdoors!

Roasted Asparagus with Lemon Vinaigrette

An early spring vegetable, asparagus’ array of nutrients, slightly bitter and hearty flavor make it a favorite of vegetarians and steak aficionados alike. This recipe from Melissa D’Arabian features not only the pleasing mouthfeel and filling, well-cooked and softer textures of the roasted vegetable, but also accentuates its spring-like flavors with a tangy lemon vinaigrette. Jazz it up with some freshly ground black pepper, Celtic sea salt, and a little lemon oil for that extra oomph! Consider serving alongside a cast-iron skillet-cooked ribeye, or with a side of baked salmon – spring veggies don’t have to mean rabbit food!

Creamy White Chicken Chili with Beans 

Let’s be honest: it’s still a bit nippy out, and chili’s a great way to warm up. That said, you can lighten up a standard, beefy, spicy chili for a more mild stew that won’t weigh you down. Featuring great northern beans, cumin, green chilies, chicken thighs and a touch of cream cheese for some added creaminess, this recipe will satisfy you with a one-two punch of chicken’s juiciest cut and healthy but filling northern beans. Check out our “pre-blended” chili seasonings too! (Snow Country & Bull Moose)

A bunch of cilantro is recommended to add a fresh, green, element, but you can substitute parsley, or even basil if you count yourself amongst the cilantro-averse.

Lemon & Dill Chicken

Protein-packed and refreshing, this springtime entrée is served alongside whole-wheat orzo (which can always be substituted white-flour orzo, if you prefer), and roasted broccoli. Dill, garlic, and just a splash of lemon juice commingle their flavors to produce an aromatic wonder of a sauce that is reduced and spooned over the crispy, flour-coated chicken breasts.

This is an exceptionally low-fat, and weeknight-friendly standby. Keep all three in your repertoire this spring for flavorful, nourishing meals that won’t take all night to prepare!

Soup Mixes & Soup Seasonings (Souper & Thai Souper Blends) are also great this time of year as we transition to warmer temps! Check out all of Niblack Foods’ soup mix offerings here.

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From the Store: Spring Cleaning

How Long Are Spices “Good”?

by Doug

It’s almost Spring, a favorite season when we are teased by the weather, still comfortable in our “caves” and looking forward to the crocuses. It’s a time to refresh, renew, plan projects, and think of new adventures.

Meanwhile, your kitchen cabinet ingredients and spices can be inventoried. It’s a good time to look at item expiration dates and decide when to use or replace them.
Spices never actually go bad like a quart of milk; they just fade away losing the potency and flavors for which they were purchased.  As a general guide, whole spices are good for three to four years while ground spices should be useful for two to three years.

Many Niblack shoppers may have a frugal gene, so to avoid anxiety over this process it might be an opportunity for culinary experimentation.  Older spices can be used beneficially by increasing the quantity in a recipe to achieve flavoring goals.  Many spices that haven’t been used for a while can be blended and included in soups, pot roasts, and all sorts of crockpot/instant pot creations.

In the end, spices have the greatest cost/benefit ratio in your cupboard when it comes to enhancing and delivering pleasure in dining.

Niblack Foods Trivia: A Most Zesty Test!

Noted for its unusually high vitamin A and protein content, this fruit is also known as “wolf berry”. Brightly red-orange, it’s also often made into a tea and is used for medicinal as well as culinary purposes. What fruit is it? Find out at the bottom of this email!

In the meantime, check out our all-new blog!

Ingredient of the Month: Grains of Paradise

Closely related to cardamom, and native to West Africa, grains of paradise (Aframomum melegueta) is a pepper-like spice that has been historically used to impart an aromatic flavor to the wines and beers of the Mediterranean.

Warm, but not harsh, this black pepper-like seed has cinnamon, ginger, & citrus notes in its finish that work especially well in salad dressings, as well as a more complex & interesting substitute for the aforementioned black pepper in any savory dish.

Try this Unique Spice at Niblack Foods

Blog: Homemade Sausage: What You Need to Make Your Own

Chopped, salted and minced meat, stuffed in casing:  all at home, in your very own kitchen. What could be more pleasant than sausage? Without doubt, people love their sausages: smoked, fried, pickled, dry, wet, pork, beef, chicken, venison, duck, liver, tripe *ahem* other parts *ahem* and of course, seasoned thoughtfully with one’s own carefully selected blend of herbs and spices that serve as a salumist’s signature of sorts…

or…keep the sausage adventure simple and make sausage patties!

or…really open a new door to breakfast preparation and use our breakfast sausage seasoning to sautéed lentils.

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Trivia Answer: Goji Berry
Goji berry (Lycium barbarum) is renowned as a “superfood” because of its high concentration of micro and macro nutrients. Their slightly sweet, slightly sour flavor is utterly unique, and they’re great in smoothies, as an herbal tea, or simply dried for snacking!



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