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3 Quick, Warm & Comforting Soup Ideas to Nurture You This Winter

Whether you’re digging out from the latest storm or merely trying to stay warm & cozy until you can stretch those legs a bit in the spring, most of us love a tasty, nourishing soup this time of year. From thick & creamy broccoli cheddar, to a light and nutritious chicken noodle with its life-giving broth, soups can be your go-to pick-me-up this season.

A Hearty Old Standby

Borne of the abundance of onions and their availability to the working people of France in the nineteenth century, French Onion soup packs a meaty punch for when chicken soup just doesn’t cut it. Famously topped with a crouton made from toasted bread topped with melted Gruyère or Swiss, this soup is ideal for heartier appetites and is excellent for those coming in from a long day working out in the cold. Fortunately, Niblack Foods offers a French Onion Soup base, so that you don’t have to spend the time to make or worry about burning those caramelized onions. Just add water and some crusty cheese toast atop your bowl, and you’ll be all warmed up & ready to storm the Bastille! Or maybe just watch some Netflix. Whatever you’re into.

Bone Broth Bases

Nothing says “comfort” quite like chicken noodle soup. The variety of amino acids, minerals & vitamins found in the broth that forms the base of this most famous of folk concoctions has noted benefits for your digestive system, sleep quality and joint health. We offer both Oven-Roasted & Chicken Premier varieties of soup base to add hot water to for a quick and delicious soup broth. Regardless of whether you like carrots, celery or even noodles in your chicken soup, you can still reap the benefits of this nourishing, classic soup broth. For the more adventurous, we also offer a Thai Souper Seasoning loaded with aromatic Southeast Asian spices that makes for a great, sinus-clearing twist on chicken soup!

Fill Up the Healthy Way with Beans

A staple worldwide, beans provide an excellent source of protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals like potassium and magnesium. They’re also downright tasty and exist in seemingly endless variety. Start with our Soup Blend Vegetable Mix Deluxe, for a quick weeknight, no-fuss vegetable soup base – or, if you prefer, use our No-MSG Chicken Soup Base and jazz it up with some Souper Seasoning for an expertly-blended, ready-to-go mix. That blend is also ideal for an Italian-style bean soup, with a bit of garlic, parmesan and even a pinch of sage. Niblack Foods offers a variety of beans, from our famous 7 Bean & 13 Bean Soup Mixes to individual beans of all stripes, shapes and sizes!

Find your soup supplies!

Customer Buzz

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Niblack customer and Instagrammer @geographyphotosbybt took one of our recent blogs to heart and tried his hand at making fresh mozzarella at home – we’re very impressed with the result! Stretchy, milky, Neapolitan perfection with Niblack’s own vegetable rennet and cheesecloth!

Pizza night when? We’ll bring the brews and breadsticks- just save us a slice (or three)!

Blog: Beans, Beans: The Wonderfully Healthy Addition to Your Diet

Rich in fiber, protein, folate, potassium, magnesium and with minuscule amounts of fat, cholesterol and sodium, beans are a veritable superfood. Their easy storability, relatively low cost, and satisfying taste further the cause of these humble legumes. But did you know…

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Niblack Foods Trivia: A Most Zesty Test!

Known to many as the “king of herbs”, this fragrant seasoning’s name is derived from the Greek for “king” & “royal” for its association with royal perfumery. Which popular Mediterranean herb is it? Find out at the bottom of this newsletter – if you don’t guess it first!

In the meantime, check out our all-new blog!

From the Store

by Bob

Not long ago, Niblack Foods was visited by someone – perhaps best introduced as a 3rd generation cookie lady. Her name is Kelly and she calls Churchville home. She came bearing cookies that we sampled while she shopped for ingredients. The taste-test results were, in a word, stunning. Each cookie is the product of one of her own proprietary recipes, and her brand is Jack’s Sweet Shack. (Jack is the budding 4th generation baker, pictured below.)

You might say she comes by it naturally. Her grandmother was well known and loved in her community for baking and giving away a gross of cookies weekly. As Kelly says, “Cookies bring smiles. Especially when you gift them. Everyone is struggling right now with all that is going on in the world. It’s great to brighten someone’s day in such a simple way. When we had the wind storm, we made and gifted 12 pans of our famous cinnamon buns. Asked who was cold, frustrated, and still had no power in Churchville and Chili. People messaged me their addresses and we went out delivering!”

You can find your own cookies from Jack’s Sweet Shack in the corner of the store approaching the cash registers. (Well….. at least you could the last time I looked.)

Ingredient of the Month: Hungarian Paprika

The dried, ground, fruit of the Capsicum Anuum plant, paprika is associated strongly with Hungarian & Spanish cuisines, where it is used in goulash & chorizo. Prized for its vibrant red color and its vegetal flavor, verging on sweet or slightly spicy, paprika adds depth to savory, meat-based dishes and is a superlative addition to spice blends and rubs of all varieties.

Paprika pairs nicely with tomatoes, mushrooms, eggplant, chicken, eggs, lamb & pork, in addition to the spices & herbs garlic, oregano, rosemary, turmeric, basil, cumin, ginger & black pepper. Chicken Paprikash is a superb & typical Hungarian staple to try with its creamy & comforting sauce infused with sweet, gently warming paprika.

Pick up some real Hungarian paprika today!

Trivia answer:  Basil

“aromatic shrubby plant, early 15c., from Old French basile (15c., Modern French basilic), from Medieval Latin basilicum, from Greek basilikon (phyton) “royal (plant),” from basileus “king” (see Basil). So called, probably, because it was believed to have been used in making royal perfumes. In Latin, confused with basiliscus (see basilisk) because it was supposed to be an antidote to the basilisk’s venom.”



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