Get Cozy with Fall Cuisine!

Sweater weather is here, leaves dawdle to the ground with every passing gust,  and it’s time to warm up with some nicely spiced autumn beverages & breads. From mulled wine & cider to pumpkin loaves that you’ll love, keep it here for all your fall “warm-me-up” ideas & recipes – oh, and some trivia too! Bundle up, grab another coffee or tea and dive into that metaphorical pile of leaves with Niblack Foods!

Get Your Guests Gobbling Down Your Thanksgiving Spread Like Never Before!

The texture of turkey can be cause for a debate or two around the table – but almost everyone agrees that a good assortment of sides is what really makes Thanksgiving special. Fortify your stuffing (and day-after sandwiches) with our favorite Awesome Sausage, Apple, & Cranberry Stuffing recipe this year. Featuring the usual suspects, plus Golden Delicious apples, and the heavyweight poultry triumvirate of sage, rosemary, & thyme, we’ve found that this dish wins guests over via unanimous decision. Tie the spread together with our favorite Three Cranberry Relish recipe, which uses the same dried cranberries needed for the stuffing. 

Skip the Soupermarket and Stay Non-GMO!
With a shelf-life of two years, get your fill for this Thanksgiving and the next with our Savory Choice Chicken Broth Concentrate! Each foil pouch makes 1 cup of broth when mixed with water, and it works perfectly in your inevitable Day-After Turkey soup. It’s one of our most popular & versatile items. Find out why and snag a box!

Soft, Spiced Breads Make Great Gifts for Neighbors & Friends
We all know that fall is for pumpkins, but sometimes, it can get a bit bananas, too. Banana bread makes for a comforting breakfast or snack on a chilly day, and all you need is 3-4 ripe bananas, some flour, sugar, eggs, & some quality cinnamon (learn all about the varieties of cinnamon & cassia here). A hint of banana flavoring can really amp up the flavor, too. Call it our little secret…

Mull it Over and be the Decider 
A fireside favorite, mulled wine and apple cider go hand-in-hand with fall just like a warm cable-knit and a hayride do. Niblack’s Cider Mulled Mix works on its own as an herbal infusion tea, as well as in those more traditional autumnal potions. Simply heat one quart of apple juice or wine, add 1-2 tablespoons of Mulled Mix, simmer for 10-20 minutes, strain, and serve. (Mulled wine is a delightful treat for fall parties and the Thanksgiving table!)

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You Deserve a little Dessert…

With another year of hard work slowly drawing to a close, we’re all in line (literally & figuratively – no cutting in front of your uncle!) for an extra slice of  a sugary pick-me-up or two. From classics like apple pie & the requisite pumpkin pie, to a fancy Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Pie, we’ve got you covered with both rich, buttery whole fancy mammoth pecans or some simple pecan pieces. Don’t forget the pumpkin pie spice or the hard-to-find apple pie spice, either!

From the Store: A Season of Warmth
by Doug Niblack

Suddenly fall is here. The air changes. It’s getting darker earlier and the leaves are giving their annual concert of colors. We feel the change.

Throughout history and across every culture fall has arrived with a celebration of the harvest and rituals to prepare for the coming winter.

Today we still share food with events around Thanksgiving and other seasonal holidays.

Let us help inspire your events with a complete array of sweet and savory spices that are traditional with fall cooking and baking. Of our many senses smell imprints quicker and lasts longer than any other sense. Many of us still revisit the experience of visiting grandparents while visiting the smell of freshly baked apple pie along with the warmth of their hospitality.

We feature our European-style Soft Vietnamese Cinnamon for a deeper, richer, incredibly intense cinnamon flavor. Add it pies or homemade ice cream for an exotic flair.
Our custom poultry seasoning blend will give your turkey a unique twist this year. Don’t forget to re-stock your pantry with it, as freshest is best.

As always, we’d like to wish  a happy Thanksgiving to you & yours, from Niblack Foods!

Let us know all about your fall favorites (and more)! Send your photos and recipes to:  [email protected]

Niblack Foods Trivia: A Most Zesty Test!

Famous for its evergreen-like flavor, berry-like appearance, and use in Scandinavian cooking, this ingredient has lent its name and flavor to a popular spirit as well. What is it? Scroll to the bottom for the answer!

Trivia Answer: Juniper Berries

Juniper berries are technically not a berry, but rather a the seed cone of a conifer. They’re used to flavor gin, and the name of the spirit is derived from the Dutch word for Juniper, Genever. Juniper berries are a fantastic addition to Northern European-style game dishes, as well as pork and sauerkraut.



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