Tabasco Sweet & Spicy Pepper Sauce – This truly special sauce is made by blending unique Asian flavors with Tabasco Pepper Sauce. It’s their most versatile sauce yet! You’ll be amazed at how much fun you’ll have exploring its many uses:Dip: Use straight from the bottle as a dip for your favorite finger foods. Try it with chicken fingers, French fries, grilled shrimp, spring rolls, fried chicken, taquitos, vegetables and more.Mix: Mix Tabasco Sweet & Spicy Pepper Sauce with an equal amount of mustard to make a tasty mustard for hot dogs, hamburgers and sausage. Or brush it on baked or grilled ham or chicken as a glaze.Quick Fix: Pour Tabasco Sweet & Spicy Pepper Sauce over a block of cream cheese. Use as a spread for crackers.Tabasco Sweet & Spicy Pepper Sauce adds a sweet twist to many popular foods. It’s perfect for parties or snacking – a real crowd pleaser.

Ingredients: corn syrup, red pepper, sugar, distilled vinegar, pear concentrate, garlic, onion, Tabasco Brand Pepper Sauce (distilled vinegar, red pepper, salt), ginger, salt and spice.
From Louisiana