Bigfat’s 808 Octo Maximus was created to reach an epic plain of existence! One must first embrace the journey and open wide the doors of perception and experience this epic reimagining of their original 8o8. As it weaves a bold, enticing spice blend from northern India with a ruthless mixture of super hot peppers and epic flavor. The result: a potentially life altering experience. See you on the other side. Goes great with: Sauteed or grilled vegetables, potatoes, chicken wings, steak, Indian dishes, pork, fish, shrimp tacos, chili, guacamole, hummus, grilled cheese, mixed into BBQ sauce, hamburgers and on and on.

Ingredients: Distilled vinegar, red onion, tomato, 7 pot Primo peppers, Carolina Reaper peppers, lime juice, garlic, naga jolokia pepper powder, spices, sea salt, fresh basil, 7 pot Douglah pepper powder, Carolina Reaper pepper powder, black pepper, chipotle pepper powder.